Writing Czech on a British laptop

If you ever wished to easily type Czech characters (ěščřžýáíéúů etc) on an Apple laptop with English keyboard – download this file and move Czenglish.bundle to Keyboard Layouts.

Then you can add one of three versions (UK, US and international) in

System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources > "+" > Czech > Czenglish [UK,US,IE]

and then choose it as your main keyboard in the Input menu.

All your UK (US) keys will work, but typing alt-a will produce á and alt-c will type č, et cetera. Uppercase variants with a shift key, of course.

There are two exceptions – é is at alt-w and ú at alt-j. Still close though.

And a few additional characters:

  • (euro) at alt-2
  • # (US pound) at alt-3
  • (bullet) at alt-8
  • (starting quotes) at alt-' (apostrophe)
  • (ending quotes) at shift-alt-'
  • ° (degrees sign) at alt-0
  • × (multiply sign) at alt-x
  • and a few others.

Please suggest if you wish to add more alternative characters in the future. Or download and use fantastic software Ukelele from SIL – it is very easy, and has little risk.

BTW alt-§ is a codename we have for oysters with a friend.

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